About Pacific Tiger Consulting

Firm Overview

Pacific Tiger Consulting is a global strategy consulting firm providing expertise in commercial strategy and product launch planning.

We are a product and portfolio strategy partner that specializes in turning the science of molecules into optimal patient outcomes and client value.

We bring industry expertise, innovative, evidence-based, detail-oriented thinking, and a passion for excellence to deliver optimal strategic solutions for our clients.

Our content expertise enables us to understand and communicate around new discovery, development, and commercial opportunities with rigor and precision – and to challenge clients with innovative ways of thinking.

Our experiences span the entire lifecycle from discovery/development, licensing, product launch to life cycle management.

Meet Our Leadership

Prior to launching Pacific Tiger Consulting, Dr. Goyal worked at Purdue Pharma, IMS Health (now IQVIA) and Capgemini. She received her MBA from Columbia Business School in Finance and Marketing, and Ph.D. from Georgia Institute of Technology in Biochemistry.

Poorva Goyal, PhD, MBA

Founder & Partner

Dr. Goyal is the founder of Pacific Tiger Consulting and has over two decades experience in pharmaceutical commercial assessment and biomedical research. Dr. Goyal has diverse expertise in commercial, new product planning, product launch, portfolio strategy, market access, brand strategy, as well as due diligence and business development, spanning a wide variety of therapeutic areas.

She has partnered extensively with stakeholders across the life sciences industry, including leading biopharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

We work closely with you and tailor our approach on your specific needs and those of your stakeholders.